I got into photography after experiencing the magic of the dark room. In my case, my grandpa was the one who tricked me into it.
He used to always carry an empty slide mount inside his wallet. And if he did not have a camera with him, he’d level the slide mount to his eye, and frame the world that way.

That memory has stayed with me. I do not use an empty slide mount. The apparatus is now small enough to be with me most of the time.

In 1996 I moved from Paris to Brooklyn to work as a commercial photographer, specializing in the music industry, sports and men fashion.

Currently, I am focusing on personal work in New York and South East Asia.


I’ll reverse partly the psalm 27:1 by saying the light is my lord and who knows, may even be my salvation.

My modus operandi is simple: follow the light. This is what guides me, makes me take a left or a right turn in seeking for places of colors and shadows in the pursuit of my next elusive ideal frame. 

At this point I pray and summon serendipity.

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